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       Molding Microcellular Urethane Elastomers for Industry

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Quality Custom Molders of Integral Skin Foams



Welcome to COMCAST URETHANE, innovators of integral skin urethane foam techniques, featuring the best materials and processes available.

Our variety of integral skin foams are the durable solution when interior and exterior strength, superior quality, value and aesthetics are your goal. Simple or intricately detailed, short run or high volume...Comcast Urethane has the solutions you are looking for.

Comcast integral skin foams are typically lower density, excellent aesthetics without painting, are more durable, and offer an extraordinary long-lasting softer feel than plastics, co-blown foams or other alternatives.

In applications where an industrial strength, padded exterior is desired, our products feature exterior durability and appeal combined with a strong resilient, low-density core.

This makes COMCAST URETHANE products ideal for use in seating, padded comfort and safety applications, protective and ergonomic environments, especially where there is user contact.

COMCAST URETHANE processes are also ideally suited for intricately detailed molded applications where a textured presentation is desired. Applications include exercise equipment, fork truck cab components, furniture, environmental landscape, prosthetic components, military, aerospace among others. Applications are only limited by your imagination!

Over two decades of COMCAST URETHANE research and technology development has resulted in leading edge solutions to meet the demands of industry. Our constant goal is to provide World Class products with superior attributes exceeding your expectations.

We welcome you to begin designing with COMCAST URETHANE. We offer design consultation, special process development and production method assistance to your design engineers for use of our techniques, and in return help your engineers to use our capabilities to your greatest advantage.

Cost efficiency and profitability of your company is our concern, excellence of quality is our consistent result.